The bizarre passion

The olive tree is a cultivation that Piedmont had lost track although the toponyms of places like Olivola or San Marzano Oliveto and citations given in several medieval texts, testify that in many areas of the Piedmont, and the Monferrato Astigiano particularly among these, the olive tree was once an integral part of both the landscape and the local agricultural production. Thanks to the pioneering activities of a meritorious a group of enthusiasts, that about twenty years ago founded the Piedmont Olivocultori Association (ASSPO) , the situation is changed and today the presence of olive trees in Piedmont is a growing trend.

The olive tree as the vine is a plant from the peculiar charm, passion and commitment together with curiosity are distinctive characters at Cascina Allegra Estate: dates back to 2003 the first nucleus of olive trees, planted in the ground around the House, then followed, in 2005 and in 2006, by two subsequent interventions to have the olive-yard completed. Leccino, Leccio del Corno, Frantoio, Moraiolo, Bianchera and Pendolino are the main cultivars planted, followed then by the variety obtained as a result of the cloning project of historic olive plants in Piedmont, that turned out to be a variant of Frantoio species that medieval monks had in the past planted and protected in their monasteries spread throughout the territory.

The business rationale of Cascina Allegra Estate is still the same: quality first. About the olive oil the absence of traditions and consolidated experience on the one hand, and the particular climate and weather conditions on the other, have imposed for tuning the manufacturing process a long lasting experimental and adapting phase. The olive grove can now finally be defined for most up to speed and so, starting from 2015, the extra virgin olive oil production begun. However, given the reduced quantity available and waiting for the permissions required for the production and sale of olive oil, the production has been initially confined to their own use only. Completed at the beginning of 2017 the accreditation and release process, is now available the 2016 production of Zotengo, extra virgin olive oil from a specific blend, cold pressed and unfiltered, lemon-yellow with green hues colour, elegant to the nose the subtle fruity smell, light but firm the piquancy mild taste.