Gigi, Marta Allegra, Marily & Rhum

CASCINA ALLEGRA: a dream become true, a great passion turned into a small business.

It was 1999 when after long and careful search the dream finally saw its fulfilment: the Cascina Serra dei Monti. All South-facing hillside just below one of the highest crest of these hills, the Madonna dei Monti site, located in the municipality of Ottiglio on the border between the province of Alessandria and Asti. Built with bricks and tuff, here called Pietra da Cantoni (Canton’s Stone), the Cascina Serra dei Monti is a typical farmhouse with its rural outbuildings, established in the Napoleonic period in the vicinity of the ruins of what was once a Benedectine settlement, near the ancient church "ecclesia sancte Marie de montibus" dating back to the XII century.

Renovated with consistent care and dedication, respecting the territory’s rural traditions and paying rigorous attention to details, using original building materials recovered in the area, Cascina Serra dei Monti renamed Cascina Allegra Estate is today a fine hillside residence with a spectacular 180 degree view over the hills and villages of Basso Monferrato with Alps and Monviso in the distance. Unique details worth mentioning are the adjoining old stone wood-bakery where in the past local residents came to bake their bread, and especially the characteristic Infernot, circular wine-vault carved into the stone under the House, one of 47 facilities of this type surveyed in Basso Monferrato by Eco Museo della Pietra da Cantoni (Canton’s Stone Museum).

The owners passion for these places and land, the allure for farming and the personal interest and skills in winemaking, have meant that the House and the related outbuildings became the subject of a business activity to amateur character: Cascina Allegra Estate is a small family-run farming estate that sees respectively in the growing of vineyards, olive trees and hazelnut trees and in the production of wine and extra-virgin olive oil an evolving business project. Activity in which the passion, the attention to quality and the personal commitment to things properly done, come first than the commercial interest.

The restoration of the rural outbuildings allowed to set, in the former barn, a charming room devoted to be the visitor’s receiving and tasting point that features a large window that offers an unrivalled view of the estate with the outline of the hills in the background.

A dream become true...

...a small farming business.