A growing opportunity

At the beginning restricted to the Alta Langa area, the hazelnut groves have become a constant presence in the rural landscape of Piedmont, especially in the provinces of Cuneo, Asti e Alessandria, and hazelnut is now a typical product of the area and an important voice for the local confectionery industry economy. The hazelnut Tonda Gentile delle Langhe, or more precisely Trefoil Tonda Gentile, obtained the "Protected Geographical Indication" (PGI) award by ECC under the name Piedmont Hazelnuts IGP and for its valuable qualities is recognized worldwide as the best variety available on the market.

The one that currently in Monferrato is a rapidly growing trend, the conversion to the orchard of vacant lots or previously used as arable land, was the first agricultural activity undertaken by Cascina Allegra Estate back in 2001. The production of the hazelnut grove, which has obtained the Quality Certification by INOQ is aimed at the market of chocolate & derivatives producers whose Piedmont boasts prestigious and well known key players.